Initial Surrogate Application

In order to be qualified to work with our agency as a Surrogate, you must:
Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
Be between the ages of 21-40 (Traditional Surrogates must be under 35)
Have given birth to a child of your own
Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be 33 or lower)
Must have a valid driver's license
Have experienced a full-term pregnancy and delivery
Be in a stable living situation (7 year address verification is completed on all Surrogates)
Have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable)
Be willing to review your Surrogacy Agreement with a licensed attorney (at IP's expense)
Be willing to adhere to all contractual obligations throughout the process
Not be on public assistance
Be able to pass a background check (no felony convictions)
Have read and understand the Surrogacy process, by clicking on the link to the left
Be willing to take medications via injection (when instructed by RE)
Not smoke, take illegal drugs, or be exposed to second hand smoke
Be willing to take refrain from alcohol throughout the medical process and pregnancy
Not have any sexually transmitted diseases that would subject you or the child you are carrying to physical harm
Not have any psychiatric illnesses or take medications for depression or anxiety
Have reliable transportation to travel to the Doctor's appointments and screening or matching appointments
Not have had any tattoos or piercings within the past 12 months
Be able to provide contact information for past OBs or family doctors so we are able to obtain medical records
Sign necessary forms (HIPPA or medical release) to allow us access to Medical records from previous pregnancies, and surrogacy journeys
Enjoy pregnancy and be motivated by the wish to help others create or add to their family
Not have traveled to any countries in the past 6 months where there is an active Zika Virus transmission, including Brazil, The Carribbean, Mexico or Cape Verde, Africa
 Date of Birth:
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